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Higher education is facing seismic changes in student engagement, funding, partnerships and workforce skills development requirements.
Whatever your challenge, we support you to effectively prepare and train the pioneers of tomorrow and create social, environmental, and economic impact.  

We believe universities can adapt and scale through positive, impactful collaborations both internally and outside of their higher education networks. We will support you to create impact in a changing world through collaborative networks, relevant modules/programs, hands-on learning experiences and a bespoke, digital platform to unite your university. 


Position your university at the forefront of innovation and deliver lasting value and real impact for students, faculty, partners and your entire network today. 


As education prepares the next generation for the jobs of the future and an economy for a liveable planet, we help your university to boost its reputation and deliver positive impact and pioneer progress through collaboration, learning and engagement. In addition to our wide range of services we will create a custom online platform to grow a vibrant community among your students, alumni, faculty, businesses, research partners, donors and increase your visibility to new students and partnerships. The platform delivers: 


Build your reputation with a custom digital Hub delivering lasting value and spreading the word about unique learning experiences and progressive partnerships you provide.


Create productive learning experiences to inspire collaboration, create solutions across sectors, and harness synergies between the university, industry, and society 


Provide valuable resources, enhance donor engagement and enable students and industry to identify joint opportunities and learn from one another 


Deliver opportunities for sustainable growth through an active community that helps cross-pollinate ideas and solutions across industries, disciplines and generations 



Growing your community will create pathways for innovation across your university, building purposeful connections for students, industry, individual donors and your university as your network grows and encompasses new and exciting partnerships. 


Each partnership program or business collaboration is a landmark for each student and a mutually beneficial relationship for businesses and NGOs. Students create real impact whilst partnering organisations receive tangible results. 


Connections between your university, communities and businesses are enhanced, improving business relevance and overall course quality. Strong programs ensure everyone benefits and builds a lasting partnership. 


Students receive unique, hands-on employability experience; enabling every participant to develop teamwork skills, workplace insights and work in the real world. Each project is productive and relevant to specific course objectives and requirements. 


By communicating your successes internally and externally, we keep students, partners, faculty and donors informed. This engages your governing body/donors by promoting their positive impact to build lasting, global networks. 


To stand out in higher education your university needs to embrace progress and be a catalyst for positive change to students, faculty, the world of work and all society. Leveraging strong partnerships and connections within your university we maximise your impact regionally, nationally, and globally.  

Our full-service transformation agency and bespoke, digital hub will support your establishment’s long-term growth and reputation whilst improving the business relevance and overall quality of course offerings to students. Cosaris will deliver tangible results, lasting partnerships and meaningful opportunities ensuring your university and its network achieve your vision. 

Sustainability tours and program for the AMERICAN UNIVERSITY

Building off the back of a sustainability study tour, Cosaris transformed The American University’s learning experience to become a major collaboration project and employment network for students, businesses, and local communities alike.

“An incredible experience that provided real world skills working as a consultant to a global client” 

Maile hartsook | Masters Student

“[this] program has burnished our sustainability brand. It has enhanced our standing as a leader in sustainability among American colleges and universities” 

David Bartlett | Lecturer & Program Director

“The true value came from this hands-on practical experience” 

Andrea Villagomez | Masters student

Cosaris will work with your university to build a dedicated platform uniting all students, faculty members, partnering businesses and future applicants to showcase alumni achievements and deliver impact case studies for your university. 

By transforming how your university’s network collaborates, we will create pathways for innovation across your university, building purposeful connections with evergreen results. Be at the forefront of education with your own bespoke solution to engagement and fruitful collaboration. 

Ready to unlock your vision?

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