Our Purpose

Creating social, environmental and economic impact by helping organisations to identify opportunities, overcome challenges and engage with all their stakeholders. 

We Are A Full Service Agency

Cosaris is here to facilitate effective communication, collaboration, learning and engagement between organisations and all their stakeholders. We help you understand opportunities and threats, provide the insights you need and develop programmes and experiences that create real-life impact. We build solutions from start to finish; our diverse global network allows us to facilitate whatever change you need to stay ahead of the pack. 

Our Expertise


Often applied to business models and industry thinking, we also apply self sustaining concepts to communication, projects and programs.


Understanding and building responsible models and stuctures are key to effective collaboration without unnecessary boundaries.


We facilitate collaboration between people and organisations across disciplines, departments and geographies to leverage learning and development opportunities


Effective analysis and awareness of your place and impact in the world allows organisations to better address challenges and opportunities.


Modern organisations are exposed to global systems with many points of failure. We focus not just on becoming strong, but flexible and better able to weather shocks and uncertainty.


We help find, adapt and implement ideas and solutions to a wide range of problems. We also help manage the transformations necessary for true internal change.


We want all our changes to be longlasting and holistic with positive economic, social and environmental impacts.

our Project Process


We start by evaluating the current state of communication and engagement for your organisation and network.


Our teams identify how innovation and best practice works in a variety of settings and where we can apply this to your challenges.


We draw upon our network to find the best people to test, develop and implement the solutions that are right for you.


Our projects don’t end with implementation; we continue to provide support and build a long term, sustainable solution.

With our tried and tested models and tools, we can create a bespoke experience tailored to address your unique challenges. All this while mitigating risk and maximising the benefits to you and your stakeholders. As a full service agency, we utilise our extensive network to design, develop and execute the most effective solution, whatever it may be.

By following our development process, your organisation gets a clear roadmap for the journey forward. We view our projects as a cycle; always testing, evaluating and improving upon what has come before.

Striving for Sustainability

Sustainability means a lot of different things to different people; we specialise in helping you keeping pace with the latest developments in multiple fields.


A socially sustainable organisation has more engaged and productive staff and a better relationship with its surrounding community.


An economically sustainable organisation is more resilient and can better weather the unpredictable nature of our modern world.


A environmentally sustainable organisation uses resources efficiently, understands it’s impact on the world and works to improve it.

Insights Across Industries

We are not limited by traditional notions of industries separated in their operations and insights. By working with and learning from organisations across a wide range of sectors, countries and sizes we get access to innovations and best practice from across the business world.

It may seem obvious to learn from others within your own industry – but their ideas will often be the same as yours.

Interested in working together?

Why Us

Our strong core team and wide international network gives you the best of all worlds


Our tight, efficient core team allows us to quickly figure out the best course of action for your needs and how best to proceed.


We have a mix of wide and deep knowledge at Cosaris, allowing us to see the big picture and still execute our solutions with expertise and precision.


Our wide network allows us to broaden our horizons for potential solutions; we have the capactity to find the right people for whatever you might need.


Every project is approached from a new perspective. While we build upon tested models and techniques for success, we go in without preconceived notions, allowing us to find the best solutions.

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