Cosaris - Why we’re here


Cosaris is here to create powerful real-life learning experiences for universities, organisations and for all stakeholders who matter to successful business.

This is not classroom teaching.  You go out and see for yourself how progressive organisations put original thinking into practice. You learn how they champion new ideas around sustainability and find unconventional solutions to common problems. 

In short, we are here to surprise and inspire. We create genuine excitement around new ways to learn and do business. 

Original learning experiences...

We’re not the experts, we are facilitators. By designing original learning experiences which bring diverse disciplines, knowledge and skills together, we help everyone learn from each other.  



Get the chance to demonstrate how academic theory translates into the real world of sustainable, innovative business - because sustainability is the key driver of innovation. Your university can engage with the younger generation’s passion for finding new ways to live and work sustainably.  


Business delegates...

Receive a collaborative, multidisciplinary and truly eye-opening learning experience. Any of your organisation’s stakeholders can take part - employees, business partners, suppliers, resellers, customers or the wider public - allowing you to widen engagement and boost your brand reputation.

 Find out more about:

 …and business development

Often, the best ideas are found outside your own industry bubble. By looking beyond the silo, you achieve clarity on the best direction forward. 

We deliver a straightforward roadmap, find the right strategic partners and provide all the support you need to get there. Find out..


Who we work with

We work with innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups, with medium-sized or large organisations which are interested in alternative ways to do business - and with universities who want to build upon their reputation as original thinkers around sustainability and innovation.  

If you work within business you could be:

  • A CEO who wants clarity of vision on new directions, and support getting there 
  • An HR manager looking to attract and retain top talent
  • A sales or marketing manager. We can help you find new ways to engage current and future customers 
  • A networking hub looking to attract new members with tours, events and learning opportunities 

If you work within a university you could be:

  • Building your reputation for providing the gold standard for tomorrow’s students
  • Redefining how education works in the future
  • Finding ways to deliver a truly unique learning experience - something that no other university provides 

Regardless of your industry or academic course, if you want to learn the secrets of how the most successful organisations put great ideas into practice, please get in touch. 

You can call us on +44 (0) 333 567 6768, or if you prefer to write send us an email.

sounds interesting?

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our services please send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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