Over the last 6 months we had the pleasure to be working with 4 multi-disciplinary student teams of our ongoing study program with the American University. The focus was not only to create a powerful real-life learning experience for our Master students. Equally important, we helped highly innovative organisations to overcome business challenges and leverage their growth opportunities.

Growing solutions for a sustainable world

Waste management, recycling, circular business models, clean air and water. Our 4 project partners are coming from very different industries. But they all are working to solve some of the most pressing challenges our society and businesses are facing globally.

But, like many innovative organisations, they do not have access to all the expertise, manpower and funding they would need. This often prevents them from leveraging the vast range of market opportunities.

On the other hand, too many university students suffer from mainly learning from theoretical concepts. Or working on projects they know will never be realised or implemented. With that, we are wasting the passion and fresh perspective they could bring to organisations.

Working beyond countries, industries, disciplines and generations

Our solution is to guarantee a meaningful learning experience for universities and their students. And work with them to support innovative organisations transforming their business. But what about the impact we created for both sides? Find out more about our partners and what we helped them to achieve.

New business models: Circularity as a service

Brave Brews work with small breweries to create beer out of surplus bread. They then sell the beer in local supermarkets and bakeries. Our student team helped them to build a tracebility app and create a new business model focusing on circularity as a service.

New opportunities: Hands-on market insights

Start-up Sally R uses NASA technology from the international space station to create the right air quality for offices, warehouses, stores or indoor farming. Our multi-disciplinary team looked into new market opportunities and prepared the insights they need to enter the US market.

New toolkits: Environmental impact calculator

Envac Optibag designs and builds optical sorting plants and provides waste management solutions to municipalities around the world. We helped them to create a new toolkit to better communicate with clients and help them to calculate their environmental impact.

New strategies: Corporate social responsibility

Social enterprise Solvatten have one simple mission: To provide people living in developing countries with safe and hot water in a portable, environmentally-friendly way. Together we created a new CSR strategy for their growing US-based charitable foundation.

Want to know more about one of our partners and their solutions? Interested to organise or take part in a similar program? Get in touch to discuss synergies and opportunities to collaborate.