I guess everybody knows this feeling: You are sitting outside for a nice late-summer picnic. The weather is still pleasantly warm. But suddenly you get a visit from some uninvited, annoying guests to spoil your feast. No, I am not talking about the in-laws. Then it happens: Your neighbour’s little daughter starts to cry and reveals a quickly growing, burning sting on her arm.

bite away product photoWhy does he tell this story, you ask? A few weeks ago, during my holidays, I received a short email from a business partner in Germany. He was telling me about an invention of a German based pharmaceutical company: A hand-held medical device called ‘Bite away’ that removes itching, swelling, pain and also allergic reactions from insect bites and stings. The product claims to be effective against mosquitos, wasps, bees, horse flies and even jelly fish. It applies a therapeutic dose of heat to destroy the toxins and increase the blood flow.

I did some research to check these claims. The manufacturer is Riemser Pharma, normally specialising on drugs and medicines. They have been selling Byte Away successfully on the German market for over four years. The device is also widely used in Germany by institutions like the Red Cross and DLRG. It currently has over 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon.de with an average score of 4.6/5. A day after my holidays I received my first samples and finally was fully convinced by the design and quality.

With this background there is a huge potential to successfully introduce this product on a global scale. We are now working directly with the international distribution company to make it widely available in supermarkets, drugstores, local pharmacies and DIY stores around the world. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about this innovation and make sure you share it with your network below.

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