We connect people and ideas through shared experiences. Facilitating collaboration, powering impactful learning, and increasing engagement by experiencing something extraordinary.  

Bringing Experiences to Life 

We offer a comprehensive range of events and engagement activities to enhance your organisation’s engagement and bring your network together, either virtually or in person.

Discover how our experiences can help fulfil your engagement strategy

Engaging Experiences 

Member Briefings for EMD

A series of strategic webinars designed to educate, engage and ignite conversation and strengthen working relationships within a membership association

To drive engagement and build stronger member connections amongst their membership, Cosaris propose, organise, host, and moderate a series of monthly Online Strategic Briefings for leading European member association, European Marketing Distribution (EMD).
We work with the association and having surveyed the member database, we discovered what topics and trends the learning should focus on and how to ensure all our content was best suited to the unique audiences across a wide variety of different organisations.
Following this we have supplied engaging and educational sessions on the energy crisis, Covid-19, food fraud and rising inflation connecting members and delivering new insights and new innovations for the industry to cooperate on.

Retail Safari with AECOC

A unique excursion for C-level retail delegates to discover, apply and engage with some of the most innovative industry practices in the world

More than just a study tour, this was a fully immersive safari designed to push senior figures within the retail industry outside their comfort zone and transform how they approach common challenges. Working to a brief from AECOC, one of the biggest trade associations in Spain, we researched, organised and delivered every facet of the three-day experience. From transport, accommodation, and cuisine through to the bespoke store visits, innovative product showcases and powerful networking events, the safari was hailed as an “amazing experience” and provided new business opportunities for both AECOC members and the Swedish retailers we connected them with.
One of the delegates was Alain Betancourt, Director of Fresh Products for Carrefour Spain, which has 12,000 stores and operates in more than 30 countries, with sales of €85.7 billion in 2016. Commenting on what Cosaris’ experience delivered, he said: “It helped me to see the points where Carrefour is really strong and the points where we are weak. It was extremely useful and I would repeat it tomorrow if I could!

Virtual Summit with Sideshift

A multi-stakeholder, global summit involving 60 speakers over 11 days building a global network focused on a sustainable future

At Cosaris we know shared experiences can change the way we think, act and live. For Sideshift we provided the experiential expertise, international network and focus on meaningful change to create a leading, virtual event for the ages.

Across the entire experience, from build-up on social media through to the summit and post-event surveys and roundups, we engaged over 2,000 speakers, delegates and students from 50 countries on a series of targeted subjects designed to engage and initiate debate and innovation. The summit reached senior representatives from major global corporations, start-ups and entrepreneurs, universities, business networks, membership organisations and NGOs all focused on the title, Changing Perspectives - Redefining Sustainability.
Commenting on the “resounding success” and the reach of the experience, Paul Musembwa, CEO of WARP Development, who spoke at the event, said: “Kudos on a job well done, hosting such a massive event. It will be a gift that keeps on giving.”