Our unique, ‘wholistic’ service strategy cultivates learning, collaboration, engagement, and experiences within stakeholder-centric networks to overcome challenges, create opportunities and deliver real impact. 

At Cosaris we know cooperation lies at the heart of humanity and society’s greatest innovations. By transforming how your community interacts, we create pathways for innovation across your university, building purposeful connections with evergreen results. 


Position your university at the forefront of innovation and student employability today. Request more information and together we can inspire meaningful change. 


Cosaris will provide the sourcing, infrastructure, co-ordination, industry expertise and partnership network to ensure your university creates learning experiences and collaborative opportunities for students, alumni and the establishment as a whole 

Bringing New Ideas to Business

Supporting Students to achieve

Growing your university’s community



We collaborate with you to strengthen your entire community infrastructure via bespoke assessments, communications training and external research. 


Cosaris build a long-term strategic program via industry partnerships, collaboration platforms, networking events and a centralised communication hub. 


Cosaris deliver stimulating resources including hybrid tours, expert talks, bespoke videos, global research, personalised training, white papers and more. 


We provide bespoke, transformative experiences ranging from experiential study programs, student-industry projects, tailored study tours through to international summits, and communication platforms. 


Our tried and tested strategy enhances student employability and your establishment’s long-term learning goals whilst improving the business relevance and overall quality of course offerings to students.  

Cosaris will deliver tangible results, lasting partnerships and meaningful opportunities ensuring your university and its network achieve your vision.

Sustainability tours and program for the AMERICAN UNIVERSITY

Building off the back of a sustainability study tour, Cosaris transformed The American University’s learning experience to become a major collaboration project and employment network for students, businesses, and local communities alike.

“An incredible experience that provided real world skills working as a consultant to a global client” 

Maile hartsook | Masters Student

“[this] program has burnished our sustainability brand. It has enhanced our standing as a leader in sustainability among American colleges and universities” 

David Bartlett | Lecturer & Program Director

“The true value came from this hands-on practical experience” 

Andrea Villagomez | Masters student

Digital Hubs of innovation

Our aim is to deliver a long-term strategic program and lasting opportunities for your university and create productive and resilient networks across education and industry. We will do this by collaborating with your stakeholders to build a dedicated digital platform to serve as a connectivity hub, content management system and centre of knowledge.  

Together we can build a long-term pipeline of success for students, faculty, donors, and businesses alike. 

Immersive Study Tours

Our study tours provide students with a unique learning experience that goes beyond the classroom whilst enhancing our partner universities’ reputation and service offering in a competitive market. 

Cosaris’ bespoke study tours are just one method of creating experiences which cross-pollinate ideas, create new solutions and help spread best practices across industries, disciplines and countries. 

As a full service provider, we help facilitate everything from connecting you with inspiring organisations, handling logistics, organising supporting events, and so much more. 

Experiential Industry Projects

Working in multi-disciplinary teams, students collaborate with some of the most innovative and inspiring organisations – helping them to solve real-life business challenges and leverage growth opportunities. We help find partner organisations with a clear, relevant business need and provide required support for students and partners to guarantee a successful outcome.  

Our approach delivers measurable impact on student experience, valuable results for businesses and enhances your university’s reputation in research and partnership fields. We go beyond the traditional projects to build an entire community infrastructure with your university at the centre. 

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