Why host a study tour or study program?


Students and business delegates are not bound by the traditions of your industry.

When outsiders visit your organisation as part of a learning experience or study tour, they see it with fresh eyes. 

You get free access to their specialist expertise, innovative ideas and new ways of thinking about sustainability. 

When you partner with a university as part of a study program, everyone benefits. Your teams get to meet, work and collaborate with the next generation of innovative thinkers. Student visitors experience how the most successful businesses operate in the real world.      

Find out how Solvatten benefited from one of our study programs.

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A fresh perspective

Put simply, study tours and programs are inspiring.  Both students and business delegates contribute knowledge and new perspectives from outside your industry bubble. They help you overcome real-life business challenges. 

From students, you receive direct feedback on your products and services from the next generation of customers and colleagues. You have a unique opportunity to see the future. 

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How can you get involved?

  • Invite a multidisciplinary student team on board for project collaboration
  • Become a speaker and showcase your expertise  
  • Raise awareness of your organisation by providing a case study
  • Host an event to network with potential customers, colleagues and business partners you can’t otherwise reach

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An opportunity to collaborate

Our previous study tour hosts have been surprised and deeply impressed by the valuable contribution made by their visitors. You can see this for yourself in our video above.

We all need to be challenged about the way we think about sustainability and innovation. This is an opportunity to collaborate with new thinkers, and to learn from their ideas. 

Hosting a tour opens your mind to what’s happening outside the boundaries of your industry. And, who knows? You may get to meet your future colleagues.

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