They say knowledge is power and we connect our clients with unique insights to achieve their vision.  We collaborate with organisations to harness and employ the most impactful insights and resources at their fingertips, helping to choose and action smart, strategic decisions about the future. 

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We provide stimulating resources which deliver actionable analysis, proactive communication and connected learning experiences to spark new ideas for your organisation’s network. We connect your organisation with in-depth expertise which adds value for every stakeholder. 

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Insights with impact


Implementing innovations with Bolton Group

A boardroom briefing and comprehensive, multimedia presentation forecasting upcoming retail innovations and widening the partnership network for leading European FMCG supplier, Bolton Group

The Bolton Group reached out to Cosaris to engage with our wide, diverse global network and provide them with a bespoke, targeted resource for their board and internal teams to focus on retail and future strategy . All of Cosaris’ solutions are bespoke to each client and their specific brief.
At Cosaris we provided Bolton Group with informative and proactive educational resources which were tailor-made in plain language to achieve the most beneficial learning across the brand’s board and employees.
Our 28-page presentation delivered insights into the retail industry and focused on the threats faced by retailers and suppliers, alongside the opportunities. By combining our own retail industry expertise with the knowledge of our extensive network, we covered not only food, retail and health but also supply chains and sustainability, digital transformation, technology, big data and analytics. With unique insights from thought-leaders, Cosaris’ approach to learning truly allowed Bolton Group to plug their knowledge gaps and forge new paths in European and global retail.
The Bolton Group’s CEO, Attilio Boni, was delighted with Cosaris’ results, our custom approach, and the collaborative nature of our work. He said:
“When you do this kind of desk research, it’s fundamental to know where to search. The information flow today is huge - and if you don’t select the right information, you risk not getting the right insight.
“I was asking for very specific information, and Cosaris was very proactive in providing it. The conversation was not one way. It was two-way and constructive.”

Bringing retail data to life for REWE

A bespoke, virtual tour of the most innovative retail outlets in Europe providing invaluable insights from multi-disciplinary experts for leading European supermarket chain, REWE

Cosaris was tasked with engaging REWE’s internal staff and research shows transparent communication, interactive insights and practical learning were the best way to achieve this mission.
We assessed the brand’s current situation and decided to deliver an immersive, connected learning experience to excite their leadership team and spark new ideas about what’s possible in retail. We conducted thorough visits and interviews with some of the most innovative retail outlets in Europe gaining invaluable insights from retail, manufacturing, logistics and academic experts to determine future food retail challenges, and what retail success looks like now and in years to come.
Providing a virtual tour of the most innovative retail outlets in Europe, we delivered major success in connecting core REWE staff, provided actionable environmental opportunities and sparked new ideas about what’s possible in retail.
Cosaris conducted a full assessment of the brand’s current challenges and engaged REWE management with experts from 100+ industry experts to gain external insights to their challenges. In contrast to dull PowerPoint presentations, we energised the senior managers by challenging their conceptions of retail and in doing so allowed them to have autonomy over how REWE can adapt, grow and increase their reach and profitability.
As Philipp Grofe. Head of Shopper Marketing, Strategy and Analytics, REWE Group, noted: “It got managers to think outside the box when it comes to future possibilities in the FMCG market. It helped us take a more strategic approach, rather than concentrating on our core business in isolation. In conclusion, it has allowed us to take a much broader view on what we can do.”