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Bolton Group produces and markets an array of high-quality consumer goods – food, homecare, personal care, adhesives, and beauty care. Founded in 1949, they are one of the leading European grocery suppliers, selling products under more than 50 brands in 146 countries.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about dramatic changes in consumer behaviour. We are changing how we shop and what we buy. Additionally, with the rise of discount stores, eCommerce and even more innovative disruptors, we are also changing where we buy

Bolton Group needed a solid analysis – the numbers and facts – on which to base their assumptions about the future. What’s more, they needed it fast.We had just 2 weeks to create a report with real-life examples – inside and outside the retail sector, within Europe and beyond. 




April 2021


2 Weeks


Market Research
Innovation & Trends


This was a good example of how we use our huge global network. There was little time to conduct primary research so we mobilised our industry experts to provide us with secondary data.

To provide the 360° view that our client needed, it was crucial to find the right people, places and resources from which to gather data and insights.

When you do this kind of desk research, it’s fundamental to know where to search. The information flow today is huge – and if you don’t select the right information, you risk not getting the right insight.

I was asking for very specific information, and Cosaris was very proactive in providing it. The conversation was not one way. It was two-way and constructive.

Attilio Boni

CEO, Bolton International

By combining our own retail industry expertise with the knowledge of our extensive network, we covered not only food, retail and health but also supply chains and sustainability, digital transformation, technology, big data and analytics.

Our 28-page presentation delivered insights into market developments and forecasts, key changes in shopper behaviour and the top 7 trends transforming grocery retail. It looked at the threats faced by retailers and suppliers, but it also highlighted the opportunities.


Bolton Group received targeted, tailor-made information presented in plain language. Unlike the more traditional consultancy companies, we could deliver an easy-to-absorb, condensed snapshot which went right to the essence of what Bolton Group needed to know.

The presentation included multimedia design, photos and videos which brought the research to life – and, of course, a range of insights relevant to Bolton Group’s particular offering. 

In addition to the 28-page presentation, we delivered over 100 pages of free resources providing more in-depth insights.

When delivering reports and presentations, we’re always happy to provide links to authoritative additional resources. It gives a valuable opportunity to explore the topic more deeply.

One of the positive outcomes of this research is the way consumers are changing behaviours due to the pandemic lasting such a long time. It highlighted the trend to take care of yourself with healthy, nutritional products. This existed before, but it’s becoming more dominant.

Cosaris are not rigid. They listen and understand the brief in a very flexible way. They are open to adapt and look for answers according to the needs of the company that’s asking. It’s important to communicate with the right target in the right way, and this was one of the positive outcomes of Cosaris’ research.

Attilio Boni

CEO, Bolton International

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