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Sideshift is a social learning and collaboration platform. They are developing a multi-industry network connecting people across different countries, organisations, disciplines, generations and cultures to share ideas on how to move forward into a sustainable future. A global database is being developed to share the latest insights, best practice and new thinking on sustainability, success and wellbeing.

We were asked to organise a virtual 11-day global summit. The purpose of the summit was fivefold:

  • To raise awareness of Sideshift’s mission and services
  • To reach a targeted global audience of people and organisations interested in their services
  • To engage the audience with relevant, valuable insights 
  • To build a multi-level, mutually beneficial network of thought leaders 
  • To raise awareness of global and local challenges, and showcase solutions

This would be a live virtual event involving 60 speakers over 11 days. It would allow both attendees and speakers to showcase their expertise in front of a worldwide audience. They would contribute, engage and connect on social media and the Sideshift platform itself. 




2018 – 2019


15 Months


Virtual Summit
Social and networking event
Social media marketing


From our vast partner network, we built virtual teams to manage the entire event – from raising awareness to capturing post-summit feedback. 

The technical team began by designing and building the summit website with landing pages, delegate registration and promotion videos. After that, we moved on to the marketing campaign. 

We sourced and recruited a virtual marketing team for social media, direct marketing and speaker network marketing. The campaign was designed to raise awareness and crucially, demonstrate the summit’s marketing power for both speakers and delegates. 

Each of the 11 days would focus on a different subject – global challenges; waste and consumption; community; trends and technology; 21st century companies; leadership; wellbeing; desire, meaning and purpose; shifting perspectives; the bigger picture; your solution. 

For each subject, we researched and recruited several expert speakers. Our teams set up the necessary tech, produced and curated content, all the while building engagement between speakers and a global audience in the run up to the summit itself. 


The summit was a resounding success. Entitled Changing Perspectives – Redefining Sustainabilityit attracted 2,000 delegates from over 50 countries. They included senior representatives from major global corporations, start-ups and entrepreneurs, universities, business networks, membership organisations and NGOs.  

The event was a win-win for everyone. 

  • Sideshift built a targeted network list containing thousands of people and organisations interested in what they offer. 
  • The speakers burnished their reputation and developed a large following amongst people they wouldn’t otherwise reach. 
  • The audience gained access to high-quality information from trusted sources, plus a huge network of potential customers and business partners. 
  • Our virtual teams gained valuable experience working for a cause they feel passionate about.  

It’s so important to share what we are all capable of if we want. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this inspiring event and network.

Nina Borgström

Director of Digital Transformation and Design, White Arkitekter

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