The Cosaris PROOF Check 

Gives you a new perspective on how to leverage opportunities, overcome challenges and create positive engagement with all your stakeholders. 

It helps you to:


Get a 360-degree view of your organisation


Experience your organisation through the eyes of your stakeholders


Become aware of strengths and weaknesses


Grow your organisation sustainably


Detect blockages and threats at an early stage


Remove misunderstandings and barriers of communications


Identify opportunities, solutions, priorities and the right next steps


Enhance stakeholder relationships and improve collaboration

The goal:

Creating maximum alignment between your vision, purpose, strategy, organisation, operations, insights, communication and collaboration with all your stakeholders. 

Who is the PROOF Check for?

The check can be applied to a wide range of organisations, projects and settings. It is equally effective in assessing whole organisations with subsidiaries across the globe as well as for single departments or large projects.  

    How does it work? 

    The PROOF Check utilises a quick but comprehensive modular framework that is flexible in scope and scale to fit the individual requirements of your organisation. Depending on size and level of detail, a typical assessment project usually takes between two and eight weeks and runs through these five stages:


    A kick-off meeting to set up the project 


      Identifying and raising awareness with relevant stakeholders – getting them involved early on to guarantee success of your transformation project 


        Filling in questionnaires, collecting data, on-site observations and/or conducting interviews with individual target stakeholders 


          Review, analysis and preparing the final report 


            Presenting and discussing findings, implications and recommendations for short-, medium- and long-term actions 

              Fully understand your organisation and stakeholders, increase efficiency and productivity and get one step ahead of your competition. Enhance your relationships and grow your organisation sustainably.  

              Get in touch to discuss how this can work for you and your organisation. Book a free no obligation consultation to learn more. 

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