Insights & Assessments

We help you to identify and understand the most relevant insights that bring your organisation to the next level. 



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  • Getting insights about new and existing markets
  • What are the opportunities?
  • What is already out there and how does your company fit in?

Impact Case Studies

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  • Creating a case study to showcase the positive impact of your own products and services on customers, society and planet
  • Find relevant case studies across industries and countries you and your stakeholders could learn from

Capability Gaps

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  • Benchmarking yourself against cross-industry best practice
  • Required insights

Innovation, trends and best practice

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  • Keep up to date with innovation, trends and best practice around sustainability
  • New business models, collaboration, products and services
  • How could they impact your business
  • What works in other industries or countries that you could adapt for your challenges


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  • Who else is out there?
  • What could you learn from them?
  • What makes you unique?

Commercial Opportunities

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  • Who are the most profitable customers?
  • What are the best markets to grow?
  • What new services/products could add value?



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  • Who are they, what are their requirements?
  • How profitable and loyal are they?
  • What do they really think about you and your products/services
  • Surveying and interviewing customers and prospects


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  • What do they really think about your organisation?
  • How engaged are they?
  • Do they have all the insights they need?
  • What are internal barriers between departments or subsidiaries?

Suppliers & Partners

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  • What suppliers and partners are out there?
  • Who could help achieve your goals?
  • What ideas from other industries could also work in your organisation?

The Cosaris Proof Check

Gives you a new perspective on how to leverage opportunities, overcome challenges and create positive engagement with all your stakeholders. 

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Cosaris are not rigid. They listen and understand the brief in a very flexible way. They are open to adapt and look for answers according to the needs of the company that’s asking.

Attilio Boni

CEO, Bolton International

Cosaris arranged internal and external analysis, looked at our organisational structure, processes and synergies, and conducted in-depth interviews with existing and potential customers before developing a detailed plan for the new service and necessary changes in our organisation.

The experience has been very beneficial for us. Rene is extremely professional and target-oriented. He consistently gave 100%.

Markus Spieker

Commercial Director, DMV

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