The food retail industry is increasingly facing severe challenges. Over many years social, ecological and economic concerns have been influencing and altering people’s attitudes and behaviour. The internet and social media have also changed the way people shop and share their experiences. Whole categories once profitable are now barely breaking even or making a loss. Many retailers and their suppliers have started to change their strategies – mostly without lasting success. Together with leading industry organisations we wanted to fully understand why – and what the industry must do to thrive again.

Over the last 9 months we surveyed over 500 retailers, manufacturers and service providers, including the majority of Europe’s top 100 food retailers. We interviewed more than 100 industry experts and visited some of the most innovative and successful stores across 16 European countries. The results were fascinating. And often counterintuitive to the established way of thinking. Our research clearly revealed why some retailers and suppliers are prospering while others are struggling.

Our new report, Transformation: The future of successful food retail, details all the key findings from our research and reveals the key capabilities for future retail success. Click here to download your free copy!