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The future of Food retail

Why are some of Europe’s food retailers thriving while the majority are struggling? It’s a question that many within the industry are asking, but few are able to answer.

At Cosaris, we weren’t prepared to rely on guess work. Instead we conducted one of the biggest food retail surveys ever undertaken to find out what Europe’s most successful innovators are doing. Our findings should be a wakeup call to everyone in the industry.





The Challenge

An increasingly uncertain future and disruptive events have left most major retailers and suppliers struggling to make profits in an already hyper competitive industry.

They know that to survive they must make fundamental changes to the way they do business. Yet most don’t know how to do it. Thats where Cosaris comes in.

Online Shopping

The internet has disrupted many industries, and food retail is no exception.
Advancements in automation and the shift to delivery services have left many brick and mortar stores struggling.

Political & Social Changes

Changing laws and regulations are another complexity that food retailers must navigate, with products often crossing borders and subject to inspection, with rules liable to change at any time.
Consumer behaviour is also affected by social changes. Health, sustainability and ethics are becoming more important for satisfying customers

Supply Chain Disruption

Long, complex supply chains are a fact of our modern global economy. They also leave businesses vulnerable to a wider range of disruptions even if they take place on another continent.

Environmental Instability

Recent events like droughts in Canada and floods in China have exposed the fragility of the global food supply.
As these problems worsen due to climate change, producers, suppliers and retailers will have to work together to mitigate the worst effects.

“We are living in a very disruptive time and it is really important for retailers to understand what the effects of that are”

Alain Betancourt LópezDirector Sales Development Fresh Products – Carrefour Spain

Over the course of several months

Cosaris visited some of the most innovative flagship retail outlets in Europe – the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, The Netherlands and Belgium.

We wanted to discover what was important for all stakeholders – shoppers, employees and suppliers as well as top-tier retail management.

We looked at the subject from multiple angles:

Health & Wellbeing

Social Impact

Environmental Concerns

Innovation & New Technologies

Our comprehensive report, 

Transformation: The future of successful food retail

presents a comprehensive digest of our findings and reveals the 10 keys to future food retail success. At its heart is a simple message: retailers and suppliers must adopt an integrated, innovative approach that puts customers centre stage.

You can dowload the full report for free below.

Countries Visited

Industry Organisations Surveyed

Industry Professionals Interviewed

KM Travelled

What are the Challenges?

  • Shopper understanding and engagement 83% 83%
  • New business concepts 61% 61%
  • Profitability 54% 54%

Areas to Improve

  • Shopper focus 82% 82%
  • Social and environmental responsibility 63% 63%
  • Organisiation efficiency 45% 45%

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