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Learn from others who have already solved the issues you are currently facing. But avoid the mistakes they have made before you. Discover useful contacts and symbiotic partnerships. Others are facing the same challenges as you – get together and pool resources to overcome them.

Cosaris organise targeted events for you to meet with other industry experts, discuss common issues and learn from each other. We also facilitate workshops with your customers, suppliers and other organisations to tackle the current issues of the day together.

Based on our recent research we developed a series of leadership seminars to help you and your teams identify the key capabilities for a sustainable and successful future.

We currently have ready-made seminars with latest industry insights and best practice for retailers and their suppliers.

You can also book our Managing Director, René Schneider, for bespoke seminars and boardroom briefings or to deliver the keynote presentation for your next conference.

Use our network and industry experience:

  • Broaden your perspective, challenge conventional thinking and identify ways to overcome today's challenges
  • Experience the latest innovation and trends from around the world and find out if they could also work for your business
  • Meet with industry experts from other organisations and learn how they have approached and solved the challenges you are currently facing
  • Build the key capabilities your management and employees need for future success
  • Learn the secrets of the most innovative and successful concepts and business models
  • Organise workshops with your customers and suppliers to better understand each other’s challenges and identify the best possible ways to collaborate and engage

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