We connect people within multi-stakeholder organisations and facilitate collaboration for those same organisations with wider international networks to leverage new learning and development opportunities. Cosaris undertakes a comprehensive assessment of an organisation’s infrastructure to identify synergies for every stakeholder, build committed and productive teams and engage a wider community. 

Connecting everyone  

We collaborate to build socially sustainable organisations. By understanding the challenges and opportunities within a stakeholder network whilst also leveraging synergies and connecting with ideas outside their traditional boundaries, we increase productivity, collaboration and engagement. 

Find out how Cosaris can connect silos across your stakeholder network

Sustainable stakeholder structures 

Connecting silos for EMD

A total stakeholder engagement analysis across a member alliance of 250 grocery retail chains in 20 countries enhancing communication, building bridges and driving retail forward…

We partnered with the leading European retail alliance of independent retailers, European Marketing Distribution (EMD), to discover such a global membership organisation comprising of varying size businesses across the entire retail industry could improve engagement for every single member.
Cosaris undertook detailed interviews and surveys across the membership organisations to determine where the roadblocks were and to gain insights from each stakeholder as to how they view EMD and how they would see impactful engagement.

During this initial 360º Business Development program we realised to optimise their network, EMD had to build more of a community. The organisation was empowered to drive more member interaction, provide a platform to share best practices and be the central hub which allowed their entire membership to work together on a sustainable, productive and growing retail industry. Cosaris continued to provide engagement strategy tools and augment their existing learning tools to be more focused on stakeholder engagement, for example making webinars more interactive and impact driven. Alongside this we also ran and co-ordinated an overview of EMD’s internal communications and provided unique networking opportunities for the organisations stakeholders across the globe driving engagement and connecting ideas and innovations internationally.

Following this initial stage, Cosaris has also partnered with EMD for a second stage to build upon the impact they have had connecting their members so far. Stay tuned to discover the exciting opportunities we will be collaborating on which is set to redefine how membership organisations connect their stakeholders and partners forever.

Growing Solvatten’s social community

A comprehensive growth strategy connecting Swedish social enterprise, Solvatten Foundation, with wider stakeholder community both locally and globally

Entering a new market can be a tricky undertaking even for major international corporations, let alone a charitable enterprise providing people in developing countries with safe, hot water. At Cosaris we understood the needs of Solvatten Foundation to strengthen their current network and build new stakeholder partnerships in the US were threefold - to enhance brand recognition, create new working relationships and find donors who would support their cause.

Using our project management expertise, we were able to connect them with students from The American University across two consecutive years, bringing unique perspectives to both their concept strategy and subsequently their marketing and comms strategy in the US market.

Combining our Communications Strategy and Partnership Networking services, we provided a full-scale overview of their intended market whilst also creating a platform and network of stakeholders who could push creative ideas, give real-life insights and ensure every partnership avenue was explored. Cosaris delivered project management and co-ordination, networking and presentation skills, design, event management and more to produce real impact for the organisation through specialist insights and outside perspective.

During this initial project we increased Solvatten’s stakeholder engagement, not just internally but with the students too and the community of stakeholders has continued to be productive with partnerships still connecting to this day. Through our presence as expert in communication and collaboration we were able to ensure students delivered what Solvatten needed to help a charity with limited budget achieve their vision.

Changing the face of business with DMV

A full Structural Assessment to engage stakeholders within leading German Distributor, DMV, inspire the organisation’s sales force and overcome disruptive factors facing their industry.

The retail industry has changed beyond what anyone could predict in recent years and DMV were keen to discover how they could keep up with the trends. At Cosaris we help transform organisations to do just that and collaborate with all their stakeholders to discover how they can best adapt, not just to current market movements but in a sustainable, circular approach to industry changes too.

For DMV, we were approached to engage their internal stakeholders across all their teams but also involve manufacturers, retailers and other industry insiders to truly establish where the organisation was positioned at the time and how to best approach new commercial undertakings.

Cosaris arranged internal and external analysis and investigated DMV’s organisational structure, processes and synergies, providing a detailed roadmap for stakeholder engagement and organisational restructure. In addition, Cosaris connected with DMV’s competitors and organisations outside the retail industry, to showcase how their stakeholder and teams were collaborating and what best practices could suit DMV.

Following the Structural Assessment which produced positive results in overall internal communication and focus on new direction for DMV, we also developed a business plan for further expansion and to create a new innovative service for DMV’s customers. Our partnership with DMV led to better utilisation of existing teams and infrastructure whilst also adding additional value in store for both retailers and branded manufacturers.

Markus Spieker, Commercial Director at DMV, said: “With Cosaris’ help we were able to test and develop a new business plan for a service that will allow us to identify gaps in processes or improvements in sales and marketing for our existing and future clients. The experience has been very beneficial for us. Cosaris is extremely professional and target-oriented.”