Supermarkets need to transform and urgently change their business models in order to survive the challenges brought on by multiple disruptive forces. Increasing price competition from discounters, innovative online players, environmental issues like waste and climate change or increasing health concerns from consumers are just some examples.

Cosaris recently identified the 10 keys to future food retail success in its latest research project, surveying over 500 industry organisations and analysing the success factors of innovative concepts across 16 European countries. Download our free report with all the key findings, if you haven’t done so by now.

Meanwhile Symphony Retail Ai, a leading provider of artificial intelligence based retail solutions, came to a similar conclusion with their own research. In a recently published video they summarised their vision of how supermarkets might look like in 2020:

There will only be a small range of products in store, mainly convenience and high quality items. The full range being available online, with touch screens offering a convenient opportunity to browse and order for later delivery or pick-up. However, the majority of the store will be used as a social space, for restaurants or farmers’ markets with local suppliers. Watch the video and let me know what you think.