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Why are some of Europe’s food retailers thriving while the majority are struggling? It’s a question that many within the industry are asking, but few are able to answer.

At Cosaris, we weren’t prepared to rely on guess work. Instead we conducted one of the biggest food retail surveys ever undertaken to find out what Europe’s most successful innovators are doing. Our findings should be a wakeup call to everyone in the industry.

The challenge

Food retail is facing unprecedented challenges. Factors ranging from online buying to the obesity crisis have changed the way people shop and left most major retailers and suppliers struggling to make profits.

They know that to survive they must make fundamental changes to the way they do business. Yet most don’t know how to do it.

“We are living in a very disruptive time and it is really important for retailers to understand what the effects of that are”
Alain Betancourt López, Director Sales Development Fresh Products – Carrefour Spain

Our research

But, in the midst of this crisis, some food retailers and suppliers are thriving. Why? We set out to find out and to identify the lessons that the rest of the industry must learn.

We surveyed over 500 retailers, manufacturers and service providers, across 16 European countries, including most of the continent’s top 100 store chains. We interviewed over 100 senior industry figures and visited some of the most innovative stores.

We surveyed
more than
industry organisations
Most of
Europe's top
senior industry professionals
Visited stores

Our findings

Our comprehensive report, Transformation: The future of successful food retail presents a comprehensive digest of our findings and reveals the 10 keys to future food retail success. At its heart is a simple message: retailers and suppliers must adopt an integrated, innovative approach that puts customers centre stage.

A must-read for everyone concerned with the health of the industry, Transformation: The future of successful food retail can be downloaded below.

Cosaris has not only shown us detailed innovative concepts but has also validated their efficacy (…) they helped open the eyes of our managers”
Philipp Grofe, Head of Shopper Marketing, Strategy & Analytics – REWE Group

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