University Study Tours

We facilitate unique study tours and programs focusing on sustainability and innovation.
The aim is to create powerful real life learning experiences by taking our students into some of the most innovative and inspiring organisations. We showcase best practice across a wide range of industries, from impact focused entrepreneurs to multinational corporations.

  • Learn from some of the most inspiring people and organisations in the world

  • Experience sustainability and innovation in real life business scenarios

  • Cross-pollinate ideas

  • Create new solutions

  • Help spread best practices across industries, disciplines and countries

  • Gain experience and insights into potential career areas

Why Us

We are a 360° provider

We facilitate every single aspect of the tour from start to finish:

Identifying the most inspiring organisations to visit

Organising facility visits, workshops, guided walks and expert talks

Planning social and networking events

Fully covering all the logistics: Hotel, transport, group dinners and everything else you can think of

Support on marketing, content creation and management across all your required communication channels

Tour Visits

Depending on the scope, scale and your learning objectives, our tours can be multi-disciplinary and focus on a broad theme like sustainability, value chains or new business models to explore innovation, trends and best practice across a wide range of industries and organisation sizes. We can also build a deep dive into one particular industry or discipline, showcasing different approaches across multiple countries and destinations.  

Every single tour is unique and we create a bespoke set of visits to support your existing programs and curricula. We will create a memorable experience for your students that will provide them with the most inspiring insights your chosen theme, topic and destination has to offer right now. Below some examples from visits of our recent tours:

ICA and Swegreen

Sustainable Food Systems, Retail and Supply Chains, New Business Models

ICA, one of the largest supermarket chains in Sweden has partnered with Swegreen, an in store hydroponics start up. We faciliated a visit to one of their stores and a talk from one of the founders.

  • Learning about cross-industry collaboration and strategic partnerships
  • Farming-as-a-Service: A hyperlocal in-store farming technology based on AI, circular principles and robotics automation
  • Providing a unique shopping experience and in-store value creation for retailers


Sustainable resource management and manufacturing, design thinking and customer experiences

Billerundkorsnäs is a paper and packaging manufacturer, developing sustainable and renewable packaging solutions.

  • Learning about the entire value chain of sustainable packaging solutions
  • Sustainable forestry and production processes
  • Cross-industry collaborations that create better packaging design and user experiences

Stockholms Stad & Royal Seaport

Urban development, system integration, cross-industry collaboration

Stockholm has a series of urban development projects that are focusing on integrated sustainability solutions, stakeholder engagement and creating more liveable cities. Royal Seaport, one of the largest urban development projects in Europe, is just one of the many destinations worth a visit.  

  • Learning about smart urban development projects and how to plan a city district that is sustainable, liveable and efficient
  • Transforming a former brownfield site to a world-class waterfront urban district
  • Closed-loop integrated waste management and LEED certified buildings


Urban Development, Waste Management and Recycling

Envac builds integrated waste collection and management systems.

  • Learning about pneumatic waste collection and transportation systems with a focus on usability, functionality and sustainability
  • Effective resource, cost and project management
  • Creating safer working conditions for staff and operators
  • Implementing new urban solutions that reduce traffic and emissions


Energy and utilities, stakeholder engagement, resource efficiency

Mälarenergi is a utility company and community service provider offering private and business customers a whole range of services, like electricity, water & sewage services, district heating and cooling, fibre broadband services and car sharing.

  • Learning about sustainable energy production, district heating, effective use of resources, stakeholder engagement and environmental responsibility
  • In-depth facility visit to Europe’s most modern cogeneration power plant
  • Exploring innovative solutions across a wide range range of topics like energy storage, social responsibility, fauna passages or preparing for the impacts of climate change

Stadsmission and REMAKE

Circularity and Zero Waste, Social Responsibility

Stadsmission is a charity working for a more humane society through social care, work integration and education. Remake is one of their many initiatives that upcycles second hand apparel to high-quality designer clothing.

  • Learning about the challenges of fast fashion and the waste problem in the apparel industry
  • Exploring how an organisation can tackle economic, social and environmental sustainability challenges at the same time

Events & Opportunities


Hands on experiences and gain insights into practices that are currently in use in business and industry.

Industry Safaris

See a broad range of different organisations across an industry or supply chain.

Expert Talks

Gain unique insights and perspectives at the cutting edge of the field.

Networking Events

Make the most of connections and collaboration through social events.

Facility Visits

See how production and processes work in the real world

Where Ideas Happen

Social and networking activities

We also facilitate events that allow everyone to get to know each other better and help build trust and communication within the team.


Team Building

City Tours

Community Events

You’re never going to be able to have another experience like this. It made me understand exactly what I’m looking for post-graduation.”

Leah Garden

Student, The American University

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