Learning experiences for forward-thinking organisations


This is not theoretical PowerPoint learning.

Our learning experiences bring your employees, customers, suppliers and business partners into the daily reality of how sustainable business models operate in the real world.

Here’s how our learning experiences work:

  • Our teams identify where best practice and innovation are happening right now
  • We take a panoramic view across different industries, countries, cultures and time zones
  • We bring your employees and other stakeholders there - either virtually or in person - to see how sustainable, innovative businesses work day to day
  • We organise everything for you - workshops, discussion groups, networking, facility visits - so that they can dive deep into the daily reality of sustainability and innovation.

It’s a real-life learning experience that your employees, customers, business partners and any other stakeholders won’t find elsewhere. It generates engagement and loyalty, because none of your competitors are offering anything like it.

Want to know more about how it works? Take a look at the REWE case study.


Why focus learning experiences on sustainability?

Why do we focus on sustainability? For two reasons:

  • Because sustainability is now the key driver of innovation
  • In today’s ultra-competitive world, organisations must strive for more than just profit

Your employees, customers and other stakeholders expect your organisation to be sustainable. What’s more, they demand sustainability at every level - environmental, social and economic.

Faced with this growing pressure, how do you up your game when it comes to sustainability? How can you keep ahead of market trends and best practice? How do you create engagement with your wider stakeholders?

Talk to us. At Cosaris, we help you find smart solutions that go beyond the obvious.


Experiential learning beyond your industry

The best ideas are usually found in unexpected places. It may seem obvious to learn from others within your own industry - but their ideas will replicate yours. The truly ground-breaking insights will be found outside your industry.

Everything we do is bespoke, designed around your organisation’s objectives for the learning experience.

Sounds interesting? Email us and ask how it could work for you. If you prefer to talk, call us on +44 (0) 333 567 6768.

sounds interesting?

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