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Delivering the experience that matters

The most inspiring new developments around sustainability are happening in the private sector. Our university study programs allow your students to experience this for themselves.  

Each program is individually designed to complement the coursework. Your students get the chance to immerse themselves in the wider world of business. They collaborate and experientially learn from a wide spectrum of organisations, people, cultures and countries which represent excellence in the field. 

The coursework and study program can integrate over a single term, a semester or for the duration of the degree course. We’ll design it specially for you.   

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A unique learning experience

During the program, your students learn how new developments and best practice around sustainability work in a real-life environment. They see how sustainable business practices are the key drivers of innovation.  

  • They contribute their own research
  • Learn about teamwork and project management
  • Network with high-powered individuals - potential employers, mentors, and their future colleagues once they leave university and join the world of work

It’s a unique experience for your students, and it puts your university at the forefront of academic learning. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Find out how the American University benefited from a study program.


What do study programs involve?

We design each program from scratch but to give you some examples:

  • We can source the best partner organisations for consulting or research projects
  • Organise site visits, either virtually or in person 
  • Host learning events, webinars, discussion groups and seminars
  • Find expert speakers 
  • Organise networking and social events with key people within the relevant field

What do you need from your study program? Let us know by calling +44 (0) 333 567 6768, or if you prefer to write email us here

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