Study tours for university students


Learning from meaningful and memorable experiences

Today’s students are demanding more from their university experience. Academic theory is essential, but it can only take you so far. 

Our study tours bring students out of the classroom into the daily life of commercial business. They see for themselves how leading-edge organisations find new solutions to common problems. In short, they learn how their education will be relevant to the wider world. 

The end result? Your university’s reputation will be second to none. You offer real-life experiences that simply cannot be found elsewhere.  


Bespoke study tours, designed around you

Our services are unique because they are bespoke - and our attention to detail is meticulous. 

We focus on the topics that are relevant to you. It could be energy, packaging, technology, clothing, retail… We find examples of the best in class, and carefully design a study tour around your requirements.   

But don’t just take our word for it. Find out what our study tour clients say about us here.


We organise everything… start to finish

This is more than logistics coordination. Drawing on our deep networks, we research and identify the country to visit, the organisations which bring the greatest insight and the activities that offer relevant, meaningful experiences.  

We organise workshops, discussion groups, webinars, facility visits - everything your students need for the depth and detail of the subject... and the broadest possible view. 

Our tours harness the energetic enthusiasm of your students and create a sense of excitement that remains with them. They will leave university as champions of sustainability and innovation, armed with comprehensive knowledge of how it works in the outside world.  

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